Aeroponics is the cultivation of stainless-steel environment without the use of a solid or liquid environment. Plants grow in plastic tiles, which makes them pest-free.

Healthy food

By using our solutions, you can be sure that the fruit and vegetables you grow are healthy and tasty. We do not use artificial fertilizers and spraying.


Our products are self-sufficient. A special irrigation system ensures that plants have constant access to water and nutrients.

Growing at home

By using the home growing column or trays, you can start growing your favorite fruits and vegetables in your own home or apartment.

We have a healthy and… green solution for you – Be More Greenish!

Do you want healthy eating to return to your home, but you don’t know where to start? Are you not a gardener, and at home all your flowers wither? Are you afraid that you will not take care of the breeding because you travel often?

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Uprawa wertykalna w… kontenerze

Tak, to jest możliwe! W Myślenicach powstaje innowacja idealnie wpisująca się w trend nowoczesnej uprawy, której podstawą jest skrócenie łańcucha dostaw i umożliwienie produkcji żywności roślinnej zwłaszcza w dużych aglomeracjach miejskich. Założycielami i pomysłodawcami projektu są Marcin Firla i Bartłomiej Burkowicz ze spółki BMGreenish.
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Eko-uprawy cały rok

Uprawiając własne warzywa wiesz co jesz! Ogranicz do minimum stosowanie chemicznych nawozów i środków ochrony roślin bo to co dodasz do gleby i czym opryskasz swoje rośliny zostanie przez nie wykorzystane do wzrostu. Dowiedz się jak zbierać zdrowe i obfite plony z warzywnika bez stosowania chemii! Ekologia to nie tylko współczesny trend i chwilowa moda - to sposób życia! i uprawy roślin.
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Container farming, from plastic to stainless steel

Most container farms have systems that are plastic-based, which is not the direction we wanted to take,” says Marcin Firla, co-founder and COO at BMGreenish. BMGreenish is a Polish agtech company offering a turnkey container farming system to facilitate year-round production of produce and reduced reliance on imported commodities.
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What is aeroponic growing of plants at home?

Aeroponics makes it possible to reproduce the breeding of plants. They will be tasty and healthy every time, because they have ideal conditions for growth. We provide them with temperature and humidity control throughout the process.

A special irrigation system ensures that plants have constant access to water and nutrients. In this way, the evaporation of water is also reduced compared to the cultivation in soil. We want everyone to be able to grow their favorite plants at home.

Farming Container

We get to know your needs. We evaluate the resources at your disposal. We make an outline.


We prepare the most optimal solution for you. We make the order.


We deliver our products to you. You can count on our help with breeding.


Now you can take full advantage of organic farming and tasty fruit and vegetables.

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