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Be More Greenish!

In BMG team we want to act for the good of the natural environment so that our children can also enjoy its beauty.

You know what you are eating

Ecology is not only a contemporary trend and a fad – it’s a way of life! and growing plants.

BMG team
No artificial fertilizers

Limit the use of chemical fertilizers and plant protection products because what you add to the soil.

Abundant harvests

Learn how to harvest healthy and abundant crops from a vegetable garden without the use of chemicals or spraying

BMGreenish company

We are a Polish company that produces modern plant planting solutions. Innovation lies in the method of growing seedlings, i.e. without the use of land.

We place fruit or vegetable seedlings in special metal stands, and place a coconut substrate in the prepared holes.


Thanks to such solutions, we favor the environment because:

  • The amount of water used is significantly reduced (in the traditional method of planting in the ground, 250 liters of water are used to water 1 lettuce, and thanks to our solution, it is only 1 liter of water throughout the plant growth process).
  • We do not produce carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere,
  • We do not use chemical plant protection products.
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We are visionaries of a better future!

Bartek and Marcin