Farming container

The year-round cultivation and self-sufficient farming container.

The year-round cultivation farming container is self-sufficient as it is equipped with an automatic irrigation system. Inside, there are solutions for both vertical and horizontal breeding. The container can be placed on the plot next to the house. It can also be a solution for large companies that invest in the healthy nutrition of their employees.

Sałata w kolumnie uprawowej

The cultivation allows the cultivation period to be independent of the conditions outside.

Possibility of growing plants all year round and reducing imports.

The interior of the container is covered with light-reflecting aluminum foil, which improves lighting conditions for plants.

Air humidity and temperature are constantly monitored and regulated with appropriate devices.

The windshield is made of polycarbonate, which allows the sun to be used for heating and sunlight for plants.

Farming container

The prototype container measures 6 x 2 x 2 m (length, width, height). Vertical cultivation system in containers, where plants grow on racks made of stainless steel. Compared to their popular plastic counterparts, steel frames are more expensive, but almost “eternal” in use.

Can a container contribute to the health food goals that are affordable for all? Answer: Yes, let’s think a minute about salat.


Why good and healthy food?

  • Cultivation without plant protection products
  • Minimized water consumption compared to standard or greenhouse cultivation
  • Fully controlled air including cleanliness
  • A tastier product using favorable bacteria and fungi
  • Better quality food by eliminating delivery times and by eliminating preservatives needed to maintain an adequate shelf-life


Why for everyone (cost)?

  • Possibility of growing all year round wherever you want, regardless of weather and light conditions
  • Maximum use of the cultivation space and use of the energy needed
  • Reduced cultivation time due to the use of favorable bacteria and fungi


For Everyone (availability)?

  • Can be grown in the heart of the city without affecting the surrounding environment (Project: Sałatomat)
  • Use of solar energy, no need for an external source (Project: Solar container).

Assumptions related to the container

1000 heads of lettuce + 100 herbs per 14m2 container, thus allowing you to grow lettuce at the level of PLN 2 per head.

Price from: 173 430 PLN gross

The suggested price may change due to fluctuations in the prices of materials and components for production. The final price depends on the specific product specification.

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