Our eco-cultivation all year round

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Our eco-cultivation all year round

By growing your own vegetables, you know what you eat!

Minimize the use of chemical fertilizers and plant protection products, because what you add to the soil and what you spray on your plants will be used for growth by them. Learn how to harvest healthy and abundant crops from your vegetable garden without the use of chemicals! Ecology is not only a contemporary trend and a fad – it’s a way of life! and growing plants.

Organic vegetable cultivation is not only about replacing chemical fertilizers and plant protection products with natural preparations. It is also, and perhaps above all, understanding the nature that surrounds us, because the garden is not only plants, it is a small ecosystem that is also made up of animals, microorganisms and soil. By limiting the use of chemical preparations, we do not interfere with this microworld too much, allowing it to maintain balance.


But is it possible to grow vegetables without chemicals at all?

While in large farms producing vegetables it is difficult, and certainly much more expensive and labor-intensive, to do without chemicals, in a small home vegetable garden we are able to cope without chemicals that are often harmful and not ecological. At what stage of vegetable growing can we therefore completely eliminate the use of chemicals? The answer is – everyone. This assumption is made by Bartłomiej Burkowicz and Marcin Firla from the Bmgreenish company, who run their absolutely pioneering breeding in Myślenice. The company deals with innovative plant breeding. It consists in the fact that vegetables are grown without soil in specially built containers.


You can be sure that what you eat is really healthy and fresh

A coconut substrate is placed in the metal racks, into which we plant the seeds of the vegetable of our choice. It can be lettuce, tomato or cucumber. In addition to the containers that are properly lit and prepared for growing a large amount of vegetables, it is possible to grow them in smaller and handy stands that can be placed at home. Thanks to the fact that the plants do not come into contact with the soil and their leaves are not moistened during watering, many diseases are avoided and we can be sure that what we eat is really healthy and fresh. As you can see, in Myślenice on Niepodległości Street, the season for fresh vegetables lasts all year round. – Here, the weather conditions are the same all the time, we have a fixed temperature, humidity, fixed sun exposure, and nothing prevents us from growing all vegetables all year round.